The Boathouse Ullswater Landscape Photography, Video, YouTube
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The Boathouse Lake District

The Boathouse Lake District

The Boathouse Lake District

The Boathouse (Ullswater) Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Portfolio building the easy way. In this video, I will demonstrate how easy it is to get great shots for your portfolio. It pays to photograph the obvious!

The Boathouse Ullswater Landscape Photography
The Boathouse Ullswater perfect for your personal portfolio

Landscape Photography Portfolio building, the easy way!

Sometimes it pays dividends to simply look up great landscape photographs and go and grab them for your own portfolio. Research the obvious way by Googling landscape photography in a classic location such as the Lake District, or anywhere for that matter. Then grab your gear and go shoot them. Research in magazines and books too. Make it easy for yourself!

I demonstrate, well nearly anyway, how a little research has helped me bag a couple of excellent images for my portfolio.

Put your feet up, grab a coffee or something stronger, turn up the sound and enjoy my adventure.

1) The Boathouse (Ullswater)
2) Derwentwater
3) Warnscale Bothy


The (Duke of Portland) Boathouse (Ullswater)

This was the first stop of the day. The boathouse is located at Pooley Bridge, on the edge of Ullswater in the Lake District. Its location makes it one of, if not the most photographed boathouses in the UK.

The views of the Lake running off to the Fells is simply stunning.  This is just a dream for any Landscape Photographer, no matter what the weather chucks at it! You can park 20 yards away and you can literally stand on the edge of the road and grab your shot. Due to its easy accessibility, it’s great if you’re not so strong on your feet or disabled. The Boathouse is definitely somewhere you can shoot all year round but it’s probably best shot at sunrise or in the morning. This is only because it’s sat on the West side of the Lake.

There is a small jetty that normally stands forward of the Boathouse, but due to the amount of rainfall over the few weeks running up to my visit, it’s barely noticeable. The Lake was pretty full. If the Lake hadn’t been as full you can actually drop down off the edge of the road and onto the Lake itself to take the shot. It’s a little safer but it means that viewpoint wouldn’t be accessible to wheelchair users. I can’t wait to go back after a snowfall!

Nearest Postcode ( CA11 0LL )

The Boathouse Landscape Photography

Derwentwater Lake District

The gate is located on the east side of the lake. It’s easily accessible. It’s literally a 1-minute walk away from the main car park and another 1-minute walk away from Ashness Jetty.

Due to its easy access, its brilliant for the lesser fit amongst us. It’s an ideal location if you’re disabled too. In fact, when I was there, I held the hand of a wonderful 80+ lady that wanted to stand where I was, so she could photograph the gate from the edge of the lake.

The gate is a must-have shot for any Landscape Photographer. It’s best to shoot the gate when it’s partly submerged. It doesn’t look anywhere near as good when the water level is low.

I grabbed a few different angles and the shots pictured here were taken at roughly 1/125 second shutter speed or a 30-second shutter speed which enabled me to smooth the water.

Nearest Postcode ( CA12 5UN )

Above is a composite. first picture 1/125 sec for the sky and the second 30″ exposure for the water.

Just before you ask, no I didn’t copy and paste the gulls onto the fence posts. If you watched the video you’ll see they’re actually there. They look blurry too when viewed at full screen. It’s been mentioned to me a few times 🙂

Above is a composite. first picture 1/125 sec for the sky and the second 30″ exposure for the water.

Warnscale Bothy – The search!

The end of the day was occupied by the search for the Warnscale Bothy. I’ll keep this one short as I fully intend to return to the location and capture a Sunset and a sunrise shot. This will, of course, include an overnight stop.

I never actually made it to the Warnscale Both as you’ll see in the video.

The bothy’s pictured here are Dubs Hut. They are currently undergoing a makeover. I’m sure this will be a fantastic photographic location when all the work has been carried out. It’s certainly a place I have earmarked for a return.


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Thank You, Gary Gough


What people talk 4 Comments

31/10/2017 Simon Harrison


Really enjoyed this blog entry and the accompanying vlog. As it happens, I had just visited Derwent Water on 27/10 and photographed Derwent Isle from Crow Park as you do in your video, so it was great to see your take on it. I really like how you processed all of the images that feature in the vlog, and would be very interested to see or hear more about how you approached the PP of the images to give the final photograph.



31/10/2017 Gary Gough

Hi Simon, so glad you enjoyed my efforts. I’ll probably make a PP video soon. You’ll probably be surprised by how little I actually do to my images. I always add light to the water. I like a bright water in my images. That’s why I rarely use a Polarizer. I generally clean the images and that’s pretty much it. I will make a video though.

07/01/2018 Stevie Watts

Simply stunning Gary. You are so easy to watch and make things sound so simple that you just have to go out & about and do it yourself. Keep the videos coming mate.

09/01/2018 Gary Gough

Cheers Stevie, very kind of you to say.

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