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I was once asked what my ideal job would be, to which I replied: "I already have it!" Not everybody is lucky enough to have a job they love.
Every click is a unique moment in time, these are my clock-stopping timepieces...

Woodland Photography Woodlands
Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography Dovercourt Lighthouse
Panoramic Photography Panoramic
Mach Loop Wales Photography Mach Loop
Seascape Photography Seascapes
Glencoe Landscape Photography Glencoe
Glencoe in Winter Glencoe in Winter
Architecture Photography Architecture
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Harris and Lewis Landscape Photography Harris and Lewis
Sport Photography Sport
Assynt Landscape Photography Assynt
Nature Photography Nature
Landscape Photography Landscape Photography
Fine Art Photography Fine Art
Street Photography Street
Wales Landscape Photography Wales
How to Photograph Red Squirrels, Photographing Red Squirrrels Red Squirrels
Lake District National Park Landscape Photography Lake District
Isle of Skye Landscape Photography Isle of Skye
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