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I quite often get lovely emails from people who really appreciate all my hard work. Whilst I never fish for compliments, it really does hit a soft spot when people actually go out of their way to say thank you.

I always just reply to emails with an embarrassing thank you and I never document them. From this month on, I just thought I would copy and paste any new words of appreciation here.

A massive thank you in return for your very kind words. Comments like these really do make it all so worthwhile. Gary

December 2020
Landscape Photography Magazine
My image of Dovercourt Lighthouse was printed in this month’s magazine



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November 2020

Hi Gary,
May I just say again that your dedication and knowledge deserve all the true comments we make as viewers.
Well done, a credit and example for us to enjoy and aim at.
I have learned so much just watching your channel. Your passion of the Art is beyond question.
Stay safe

August 2020
Just a short note to say thanks for this group and your YouTube channel.
Watching your videos has inspired my wife to take up photography at the young age of 67.
We got her a Nikon D7500 which she is learning to use and thoroughly enjoying it.
One thing she really likes about your videos is that you ‘de mystify’ stuff by talking plain English without unnecessarily complicating things.
July 2020
Wanted to say a big thank you for your inspirational youtube videos. I first found them when I was researching for my trip to the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides which happened in May 2019.
Your enthusiasm shines through all your material as well as the in-depth knowledge and understanding of photography you have from your many years as a professional.
I am based in a small village called Tollesbury on the Essex salt marsh coastline. The lighthouses at Dovercourt are a favourite location of mine.
Unlike some Vloggers of photography on youtube who seem to grow their ego along with their subscribers you always come across as so personable. and humble. Thank you.
Best wishes,

July 2020
My image was printed in the Landscape Photography Magazine

My image appeared in the online version of this magazine. I was later informed that it was going into the printed magazine too.
It will be printed in Next months magazine. I will link to it when It comes out

July 2020
Hi Gary,
I came across your profile on youtube and have fallen in love with your work. I have only recently started my journey into landscape photography and already have been able to nab a few great shots – I have learned a tonne off you and have based many of my approaches from your teachings.
I just wanted to email and say thanks, you’re a big inspiration. Love your work.
If you ever get to travel to New Zealand (my home), I highly recommend it. You would get some incredible photos. Once I get my portfolio up and running, I’ll send you the link and get your input (if you have the time that is of course).
Thanks mate,

July 2020
Congratulations to the masterful work, WINNER by Gary Gough
My picture was used as a banner on this Facebook Page:
Facebook – Black and White Photography (Private group – 37.3K members)
It is time to present the results of the June 2020 competition in 7 categories.
Thank you, friends of Black and White Photography Group!
to all our members for the publication of excellent, often art, works!
Thank you all for the excellent activity and fantastic atmosphere!
It is an amazing joy for us!
In June, we approved nearly 3,500 works. There are 7 winners of the BEST of the BEST in each category.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to present WINNERS in the SHOT ALL category, June 2020 competition.
Congratulations to the masterful work, WINNER by Gary Gough
All awarded works can be found in our Magazine, take a look there because it’s really worth it.
Welcome to the ongoing competition July 2020 in 7 Categories. Remember that we do not approve all works, especially those that are not described in one of the seven categories.
We look forward to your excellent work!
All the best!
Admin team.

July 2020
The Black and White Photography Group presents the Cover on 05 July. 2020
Facebook – Black and White Photography (Private group – 37.3K members)
The author of the winning work is Gary Gough, category LANDSCAPE.
Thank you for sharing this excellent work! Congratulations!
Management Team.

July 2020
My Picture is entered into July’s competition
Facebook – Black and White Photography (Private group – 37.3K members)

Hello friends of Black and White Photography Group!
The JULY 2020 competition is closed!
Thank you for your excellent black and white photography artworks!
It is a real pleasure to admire your work.
I will publish the results of the competition in 7 categories soon.
And now I am happy to present 31 wonderful July COVERS.
Congratulations for Koula Komodromou Hadjichrysanthou, João Coelho, Anton Laba, Łukasz Rudnicki, Gary Gough, Max Lemnij, Geir Arnesen, Alan Le Bon, Francis Ho, Ricky Pan, Lucie Munzarova, Rick McGrath, María Tudela Bermúdez, Pua Bar, Toni Fidanza, Lars Olsson, Roman Mordashev, Alberto Moro, Karel Ton, Simon Ciappara, Shelley Harvey, Gilles Vanackere, Laura Giammichele, Peter Pelachy, Joe Fenech, Mariola Siwińska, Geir Arnesen, Emanuel Pereira Aparício Ribeiro, Sébastien Durand, La G Di Giazzo, Alex Darash
We invite you to publish in the AUGUST 2020 competition, which will only last two weeks, because from August 17 to September 12, the group will be closed due to the holiday break.
Good luck!
Admin team.

August 2020
Nominated for “7 BEST of the BEST” in the LANDSCAPE category, August 2020! 

It obviously pays to network. This image has been nominated for an award for their July competition. The Facebook Group has around 40k subscribers so I see this as an achievement.

Click the image to see the post (It’s a private group so you will have to join to see it)

August 2020
Monthly competition winner!

Congratulations to the masterpiece WINNER by Gary Gough

All awarded works can be found in our Magazine, have a look there, because it’s really worth it.
CLICK HERE to see the winners

We invite you to the ongoing AUGUST 2020 competition in 7 Categories, which lasts two weeks, because from August 17 to September 12, we manage a HOLIDAY BREAK.
Please note that we do not approve all works, only those that follow our recommendations.
We are waiting for your perfect job!
All the best!

Best regards, Admin Team.

Gary Gough
Masterpiece WINNER by Gary Gough, I’ll take that compliment every day. Thank you team 👍👍
Click the image to see the post (It’s a private group so you will have to join to see it)
August 2020
This is such a great comment left on my Youtube video Alanthe Cannon.
Hi Gary. I recently won a competition with one of my images to be featured in the Friends of the Lake District image I shot of the Solway Firth a while back. I had watched your tutorial on blending a long exposed sea with a crisp sky so after watching that, I was inspired to get out to my coast and capture something with that in mind. Little did I know a few months later it would feature in a calendar for 2021!!
Hello Gary,
I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your videos on Youtube. They are educational and informative-but more than that RELAXING! It’s a bit of zen in my day and I appreciate you bringing that into my life.
Best wishes,
Lee (USA)
Just a quick note to say thank you for re igniting my interest in landscape photography and photography in general.  I retired from the music industry a few years ago and kinda lost my passion for photos in recent times.  My wife and I are heading to Scotland for our anniversary soon and she’s been encouraging me to shoot again.  I came upon your wonderful videos on Youtube and love your candor, humor and of course seeing your process and final results.  Your Skye videos are particularly inspiring.  You’ve helped light a fire again!
Anyway,  thank you and I look forward very much to more videos from Scotland.
Best wishes from Tennessee.
Ash N
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