Photography Interviews

Photography Interviews

A series of Live Broadcasts and Photography interviews

Mike Browne (Photographer)
Nick Page
Adam Gibbs (Photographer)
Murray Wilkie (Scotlands Mountains)
Mads Peter Iversen
Steve Mattheis (Wildlife Photographer + Author)
Nick Livesey
(Photographer + Author)
Paul Haley (War Photographer)
Gareth Danks (Photographer + Publicist)
Lynne Luxun-Jones (Photographer)
Gurcharan Roopra (Wildlife Photographer)
Kim Grant (Photographer)
Jack Appleton (Photographer)
Nev Cartledge (Van-life + Photographer)
Alyn Wallace (Astro Photographer)

I have made it my mission to Interview as many Photographers as I possibly can. Professional or non-professional it doesn’t really matter. I’m not even worried about their field of expertise or the genre of photography they shoot. I love listening to other peoples stories. The triumphs and tribulations, the positives and of course the negatives of there careers.

Some of these interviews are recorded on a face-to-face basis and some are over Skype. Either way, I find each and every one of them different and moreover, fascinating.

Paul Haley

A rare opportunity to hear first hand what it’s really like to work as a photographer during wartime conditions. This is a fascinating and moving interview with Paul Haley

► Paul Haley (Soldier Magazine) Collection
► Paul’s Book 

Murray Wilkie (Scotlands Mountains)

An in-depth conversation with a very talented and amusing mountaineer and a brilliant Photographer and motivational speaker, Murray Wilkie & Kim Grant.

Murray is a highly respected mountain climber and hill walker who’s turned his adventures into videos we can all follow on his Youtube channel. Murray is the first to say he’s not a photographer but his images prove him wrong, very wrong!

Kim Grant as mentioned earlier is a full-time professional photographer who’s turned her ability to create excellent videos for her Youtube channel into a way of helping others. She encourages and motivates people to get out there and give it a go, a real skill in itself!

Murray Wilkie (Scotlands Mountains)
►Murray’s YT channel
►Facebook: (Steaming Boots)
►Twitter: (Steaming Boots)

Nick Page

In conversation with one of my favourite Landscape Photographers on the planet. Nick is a real down-to-earth guy, an outstanding photographer, a great character and best of all someone I know wouldn’t beat me badly in a race 😉😉
In this interview, you’ll discover Nick’s pure passion for Landscape Photography and his hatred for Wedding Photography. Bragging an outstanding golf handicap of 4, is there no end to this man’s talent? He does have a sensitive side though and at times a short fuse, very short!

Nick is a high-end Sony shooter, an American with a silky voice and a world-class Landscape Photographer what’s not to like about him?

Nick Page and I discuss real photography tips. 35 photography tips made it to the video but Nick and I discuss my favourite 15

Nick’s Socials:
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Mike Browne

An in-depth conversation with a Master Photographer is not something that happens every day. When it does you grab it with both hands. Sitting down with such an esteemed man as Mike you just know you’re in the company of Photography Royalty! Mike is a real down to earth man who spends most of his time educating and encouraging others to follow their dreams, a trait of a real gent. Mike also educates through Youtube. He has one of the largest Youtube photography fanbases in the UK 267K subscribers and counting! A number us mere mortals can only dream of. His influencers are also showcased on my video too and they’re a real treat in their own right.


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Landscape Photography on TV? + Adam Gibbs the interview!

Adam Gibbs

Nick Livesey

A great conversation with a man at the top of his game. Nick is a mountain climber, hill walker, expedition leader, photographer and if that’s not enough he is also an author of a best-selling photography book. As if it couldn’t possibly get any better, he’s the most passionate and yet down to earth and funniest man you’ll ever meet. During this video, I hike with Mike up one of his favourite mountains in North Wales.

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► Fotovue: 

Gurcharan Roopra

Part 1

Part 2

A Follow-up interview (May 2020)

In this video, Gurcharan discusses at length the measures he goes to, to produce such amazing wildlife pictures. To use the word fascinating is an understatement. Gurcharan (Gooch to his friends) is a highly-skilled photographer that’s not afraid to push boundaries. His work has gained him accolades throughout the world. His portfolio of work is vast I had to split this interview down into two separate hour-long videos. Even then, I only scratched the surface. Gooch discloses how he is able to photograph the animals from perspectives very different from everyone else. If you feel you need a little inspiration for your wildlife photography then watch these two videos, you won’t be disappointed.

► Website:
► Instagram:

Mads Peter Iversen


In conversation with one of my favourite Landscape Photographers on the planet, Mads Peter Iversen.

see more of his incredible work here…

► website:
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Jack Appleton

2nd Interview (On location)

An interview with an excellent Photographer

In conversation with a photographer, I very much admire but and somebody I don’t know! This is one interview I’m very much looking forward to.

see more of his great work here…

Gareth Danks

I have an in-depth conversation with a brilliant all-rounder. Gareth is a professional photographer of 20-plus years. His expertise is portraits and weddings and just recently he’s ventured into landscape and street photography. The latter genres have come about as a result of his excellent Youtube channel. In fact, Gareth is making quite a name for himself amongst fellow Street Photographers. Gareth and I have filmed quite a bit together and recently we’ve teamed up to create weekly podcasts discussing all thing photography related.


Live broadcasts

LIVE: Let’s talk about photography. Not many female vloggers, why?
Interviewing: Lynne Luxun-Jones 

In this video, I discuss why there aren’t many female vloggers around the globe. I raise the question to the effervescent Lynne Luxun-Jones.

Lynne is a part-time photographer who has recently taken to Youtube to showcase her excellent work. Lynne has her own reasons why there aren’t many females vlogging, even though photography is becoming more and more popular these days. Obviously, there are many brilliant and highly-skilled female photographers but their numbers are still low by comparison, we discuss why we believe that is!

► Lynne’s channel: 

NEW POLICE RULES can I now go out and photograph?
Interviewing: Steve Mattheis

Steve Mattheis
► Youtube
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In conversation with Nev Cartledge (Landscape Photography) & Alyn Wallace (Astrophotography)

Nev Cartledge
► Youtube:
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Alyn Wallace
► Youtube:
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In conversation with Murray Wilkie (Scotlands Mountains) & Kim Grant

Murray Wilkie
► Youtube:

Kim Grant
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