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This offer applies throughout 2021…
  1. Two 1-2-1 sessions via Skype/Facetime/Zoom
    Each session will be for an hour or so and you can use this time to discuss anything. Struggling with your photography or post-processing? or just fancy a coffee? anything!
  2. Download every featured image (JPG/RAW) from my weekly videos
    These files are great if you want to practice your post-processing or if you would like to print and hang them at home or in the office.
    *Conditions apply
  3. New and existing tutorials
    Instant access to my 7-part Post-processing masterclass + Learn my Fine Art Photography post-processing technique + Learn how to blend horizons (includes JPG, RAW & PSD files so you can follow along)
  4. Dedicated Facebook Group
  5. Direct contact
    You’ll have access to my mobile number in case you need help or advice
  6. Easily access videos & tutorials from my website
  7. No Contract – Cancel anytime
    Join and leave whenever you feel.
  8. +++ PLUS +++
    If you’re a member throughout January & February you’ll be able to download my top 11 images of 2020

The only restrictions I place on the files are:
you must not call them your own
you must not resell them
I will always own the copyright but they are supplied Royalty FREE
*Image download links will expire after 60 days (except tutorials)

How much?
£6.99 / £8.99 per month

Both packages are the same except the downloadable image files.
£6.99 = JPG files (Fully processed and ready to print – 300DPI @ 20″ longest side)
£8.99 = JPG (as above) plus the original RAW FILES

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My top 10 of 2020

DOWNLOAD Hi-Res JPG’s (300DPI – post-processed – 20″ longest side) – RAW (Original files straight off camera)
*Conditions apply – see 2. above

Before Image After Image

Members Only?

As a content creator and influencer on Youtube, the platform allows me to offer a members-only area to people who are willing to sign up. There are no restrictions. I can offer anything. The only stipulation made my Youtube is, I must charge! Expecting people to pay for content on a platform that readily offers it for free is a challenge, to say the least.  I thought long and hard and I decided in January 2020 to offer a package I thought was original, exciting and unbeatable. Above are the advantages you’ll gain if you decide to sign up and support my channel.

Who am I?

If you’re new here, my name is Gary Gough. I’m a professional Photographer of 19+ years, teacher and Youtube content creator. Educating in the great art of photography is something I not only relish but thoroughly enjoy. I love educating so much I decided to take it one step further.

Recently, I started creating photography tutorials for members of my Youtube account. They’re fun to do and they’re always very well received. The only downside to creating content and posting it on Youtube is Youtube itself! Yes, of course, Youtube is fantastic but navigating on the members-only section is a little cumbersome, to say the least. Hence, I have decided to create this page. This page will only contain videos I have created especially for members.

My intension is to create at least one new video tutorial every week. I’m happy to take requests for upcoming videos too. Struggling to understand something? just send me an email

My Websites:


Please note, you need to be a member of my Youtube channel to view videos and download the image files. Not a member? No problem, click here

Offer extended throughout 2021


Post-processing masterclass start to finish

This is a 7-part series on how I post-process all of my landscape images. It’s a full and comprehensive look at my workflow and I will include all of the plugins I use too.

Plus you’ll be able to print and hang the images anywhere, they’re yours to keep!

Part 1 – How I post-process my images in ACR + Lightroom

Part 2 – How I clean my images up

Part 3 – How I remove noise (Including the plugins I use)

Part 4 – How I add detail (Including the plugins I use)

Part 5 – How I convert my images to B&W

Part 6 – How I create my lighting effects

Part 7 – How I save my images for print and web


Post-Processing from start to finish

Before Image After Image


Part 1 – Post-processing in ACR + Lightroom


Part 2 – Clean images


Part 3 – Removing noise (Including the plugins I use)


Part 4 – Adding detail


Part 5 – Converting images to Black & White


Part 6 – Creating lighting effects


Part 7 – Save for Print and Web



Blending the sky

Blending Sky Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial – Fine Art Photography – How I blend the horizon


Before Image After Image


Photoshop Tutorial – Complete workflow “The Castle”

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