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a little about me…

My passion for photography started at the age of 18 with the acquisition of my first camera. This lovely 35mm Film camera gave me my first glimpse into a world I would be happy to explore forevermore. Although my Praktica MTL5 Camera was at best basic, it taught me all the techniques that were required to take good pictures. I later moved to Canon, which is now my personal preferred choice of equipment. a Canon 5D MKIII & 1DX MKII to be precise.

My business has evolved into five distinct fields of photography – Landscape, Commercial, WeddingPortrait, and Training. I provide the finest quality work in each area, why? Because I love what I do!

My wedding style of photography is a mix of traditional, fun and reportage, with a touch of contemporary for good measure. Wherever possible I do like to add a touch of drama by using “Video Lighting” and “off-camera flash”.

My love for photography continues to grow and that at the end of the day is why I do what I do. I hope to be able to share it with you on one of my workshops or courses.

My clients like the uncomplicated approach to my photography. I like to keep things simple and let the clients tell the story to the camera.

My mission statement is: to create beautiful timeless images that reflect the meaning of everyday life. Photography should be special pieces of fine art to dress your walls.



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