Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Ask yourself 2 Questions… 

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography


filmed at Roker Lighthouse Sunderland

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography Sunderland

Yesterday I traveled North to photograph Roker Lighthouse in Sunderland. I have been waiting to photograph the lighthouse for around 2 months. My vlogging days are Wednesdays and I wanted to photograph the lighthouse when the weather conditions looked favorable and also when the tide was in. At last, I’m here!

I instantly had flashbacks of when I recently traveled north to photograph the Castle in The Holy Island. The castle at Lindisfarne is covered with scaffolding and white protective sheeting. This is due to restoration work. AArrgghhhh it was pretty much the same story here.

Not only was the whole of the pier covered with workmen’s gear, equipment, and huts etc but (almost on purpose) there was a huge digger abandoned right at the end of pier next to the Lighthouse itself!

I woke up at 3 AM and traveled 2 hours North just to photograph the Lighthouse, Imagine how I felt. pfff

The light wasn’t the best either. Whilst the conditions and light weren’t the best you just have to soldier on. Do you know what though?… This is what makes or breaks a photographer. It’s all too easy to quit!

In this video, I show you how under these circumstances you can still create great pictures.

When things don’t go to plane ask yourself 2 questions…

Q1 – Under the circumstances did I do well?

Q2 – Was it worth it?

Watch the video to find the answers!

Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography

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Roker Lighthouse Landscape Photography Sunderland

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