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Llanddwyn Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Llanddwyn Lighthouse Landscape Photography


Llanddwyn Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Llanddwyn Lighthouse Landscape Photography | I walked 28km for this

Landscape Photography, Photographing Llanddwyn Lighthouse I walked 28km for this…

Yesterday I found myself photographing some amazing landscapes and seascapes in both colour and Black & White whilst visiting Llanddwyn Island in Wales. It truly is Gods Country 🙂

I walked 7 km to arrive at Llanddwyn Lighthouse, only to find I had left my tripod hot-shoe mount on my battery grip back in the car. I had just removed it from my camera an hour before. I didn’t have a spare in my bag either which was very unusual! I always carry a spare but I remembered lending it out the previous day. Cue the unhappy face 🙁

A good tip, if you have a removable battery grip on your camera, it’s always a good idea to remove it to help reduce the camera height on the tripod. Reducing the height makes the camera less prone to camera shake on a windy day!

I made the decision to walk back to the car and return later in the day to photograph the lighthouse and surrounding areas at sunset. It was a total of 28 km but in my opinion worth every footstep.

Ynys Llanddwyn or Llanddwyn Island is a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey northwest Wales. The nearest town is Newborough. (Google)

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March 12, 2019 Chris

Just beautiful…..

March 28, 2019 Gary Gough

Thank you Chris

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