Ferrybridge Landscape Photography

Ferrybridge Landscape Photography

Ferrybridge Landscape Photography

Ferrybridge Landscape Photography


Is this a Landscape Picture?


Ferrybridge Landscape Photography West Yorkshire


1) Is this a Landscape Picture? This is a fairly rhetorical question as I know it is, but… Do you agree or disagree?

Landscapes that feature cities are cityscapes. Landscapes that feature the sea are classified as seascapes. Is this a Roadscape or a Landscape or neither?

2) At the end of this video I ask a question that I know will create reactions from viewers. Watch the video before you read on.

Ferrybridge Landscape Photography

In the video I show you a picture that I think looks pretty good, then I show you the original that is nearly the same. I say nearly the same because it isn’t. The before shot doesn’t have a moon in it. I have added the moon. So here’s the question… is it OK to add something to a picture? If you think it’ll add to the picture then why not? We remove stuff from pictures all the time and nobody complains. So why are you bothered if I add something?

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What people talk 4 Comments

03/09/2017 Mark Jutsum

Yes of course it’s a landscape photograph.

Does adding something to a picture may it wrong, cheating? Of course not, everyone knows these days photos are digital images not just photographs. We now make images and you can take away or add exactly what you want. We may appreciate the extrodinary skill of early film photographers like Heri Cartier Bresson and his decisive moment creations but let’s be honest to ourselves most of us don’t have these skills or time to capture precise moments when everything gels and we have to invent the decisive moment to make the ” image” we have in our heads. That is our creative process.
Keep them coming, great images

03/09/2017 Gary Gough

Hi Mark, Great answer. Totally agree with your sentiments too. Cheers, Gary

13/12/2018 Philip Swift

Great pictures. I know the location and wonder where you park.

31/01/2019 Gary Gough

Now you know Philip. Cheers

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