Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography

Last week I headed down to Harwich, Essex to photograph the very picturesque Dovercourt Lighthouse.

I chose to photograph Dovercourt Lighthouse because it was a great subject for my latest Youtube video entitled, fine-art photography. I wanted a real minimalistic feel to the image, a picture without any distractions. Flattening the sea with a 4-minute exposure and removing the horizon seemed to do the trick nicely.

I also wanted to create something a little different from the norm too. I now feel I can call it Fine-Art!

Landscape Photography Dovercourt Lighthouse

Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography



Dovercourt Lighthouse

Dovercourt Lighthouse sits on the east side of the country and a four-hour drive from my house. I had to drive through the night so I could be there to capture it at first light. The sunrise conditions were great but I knew it could have been better. I decided to hang around all day just so I could reshoot the lighthouse during sunset too. As it happens, it turned out to be a great call. Whilst the sunrise images were nice, the photograph I captured at sunset was by far my favourite of the day.

Dovercourt Lighthouse Landscape Photography

As a Professional Landscape Photographer, I create quite a lot of Fine-Art imagery. I know it’s not to everyone’s liking but for me, it’s a way of expressing myself.

Landscape Photography Dovercourt Lighthouse

Hopefully, the following images will inspire you to head to the east coast and try and replicate some of my shots or better still, improve on them!

Not into Fine Art Photography then don’t worry. The location is brilliant no matter what style you prefer to capture it at. While you’re there don’t forget to hunt out a few locations close by. I for one headed across to Felixstowe. There are a couple of classic locations that well worth capturing and there are probably plenty more too!

Dovercourt Photography Photography

Where is Dovercourt Lighthouse?

Dovercourt Lighthouse GOOGLE MAPS 
Where to park GOOGLE MAPS
Dovercourt Lighthouse address & Post Code 86-72 Lee Road, Harwich CO12 3SB



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