Warnscale (Lake District) LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY

We had to QUIT the walk was just too hard! – Warnscale
Landscape Photography @ Warnscale (The Lake District) UK

Scooby and I trekked up to the Lake District to photograph the amazing Warnscale and especially the Bothy located at the top of the mountain. Sadly the climb proved a little too difficult for my best buddy.

He’s nearly 15 which equates to 76 in human years. As much as he’s an old boy, he is still very active and happily walks with me on a daily basis. This climb however proved to be more than he could handle 🙁

When I realised he was hanging back a little more than usual I made a decision to abort the trip to the top of the mountain and instead settle for a few shots half way up.

I apologize for sounding a little down-beat but when you’ve planned for for something I hate it when I can’t complete! Scooby’s welfare obviously means way more that any landscape picture.

I’m more than happy with the three pictures I took and I’m definitely looking forward to returning.

FYI I carried Scooby most of the way back down the mountain. When we got to the bottom he was off like a shot. 🙂

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Warnscale (Lake District) LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY



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