Spurn Point Landscape Photography

Spurn Point Landscape Photography

Spurn Point Landscape Photography

In this video entitled “Fine Art Photography Spurn Point” I capture some Fine Art Landscape images


Fine Art Photography Spurn Point

This was quite an adventure. I had to return twice to take these Fine Art images. The first time, the continuously driving rain hampered the day’s activities and the second attempt was thwarted by the wind! Not to be outdone and because It became a personal challenge I wasn’t prepared to lose, I returned and eventually conquered Spurn Point!

Landscape Photography Spurn Point

Spurn Point has been on my list of places to photograph for a couple of years and last week I made my third trip there in less than 2 weeks. Obviously the first 2 efforts didn’t quite go to plan but I hope through dogged determination I succeded in concurring the point on the third attempt.

The below video shows my very first attempt at photographing Spurn Point. Sadly, the weather was just terrible all day. Light rain was forecast for most of the day but when the heavens opened they never stopped. Worse still, the wind continuously blew rain onto my lens and filters. As you may already know, there are so many conditions you can put up with as a landscape photographer but driving rain is not one of them!

This is my first video release whereby I didn’t capture images I was proud of.

As much as the first attempt didn’t go to plan regarding taking photographs, it was still an excellent recce. Often days like these can be used as a way of hunting out great locations to photograph for future visits. So, in essence, they’re never really wasted time. The cost of going there and returning empty-handed is obviously a drawback but trips like this go with the territory of being a landscape photographer I guess.

Spurn Point Landscape Photography

Would I recommend Spurn Point for Landscape Photography?

Spurn Point is brilliant for not only landscape photography but for wildlife photography too. If you are into the latter then I would strongly suggest that you do your research before you venture there. I’m guessing there are excellent times to go and photograph migrating birds for instance but I’m not in a position to offer that kind of advice. This is an excellent place to start your wildlife photography quest Spurn National Nature Reserve

Landscape Photography Spurn Point

Fine Art Photography

As you can see from my images I am very much into Fine Art Photography. If you are a like-minded photographer then Spurn point has many great locations that will definitely quench your fine art thirst!

Landscape Photography Spurn Point

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Where is Spurn Point
East Riding of YorkshireEngland. It reaches into the North Sea and forms the north bank of the mouth of the Humber Estuary

Where to park
Simply head to the Spurn National Nature Reserve
HU12 0UH

Parking is plentiful. Park in the car park or on the roadside


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