Real Photography Tips

Real Photography Tips

Real Photography Tips

Real Photography Tips by Photographers for Photographers

Fellow Pro Photographer  Nick Page and I discuss real photography tips. Photography tips supplied by photographers for photographers!

I created a Youtube video asking fellow photographers to send me their favourite photography-related tip. I received just shy of 200 of them, wow!

From those submitted, I whittled them down to just 35. It was a very tough ask but I then filtered them down even further. The above video is Nick and I discussing my carefully selected 15-tips. Below is a list of all 35 photography tips I received.

Magic photography tip?


Before I disclose my number 1 photography tip, I want to first point out, there is no such thing as a magic photography tip. The photography tip that will make you a better photographer overnight does not exist! You can watch as many tips-videos and listen to as many tips-podcasts as you like, none of them will ever offer you that magic tip. The golden chalice of photography tips, the holy grail of photography tips, they just don’t exist!

Hard work is at the forefront of every successful person. Irrelevant of their pursuit in life, very few successes come gift-wrapped!

So the message is simple, get off your bum and get out there. Go earlier, stay later, travel further, learn your skills in the field. If somebody’s pictures are constantly better than yours, it’ll usually boil down to the fact they’re out there way more than you.

Obviously, there will be a few exceptions. Things like mobility, funds and where you live for instance, but in general terms, the fact is simple, “you reap what you sow”. Sorry, but It’s just one of those “wake up and smell” the coffee moments!

If this paragraph upsets you then please don’t waste your time reading on!

Photography Tips

Best photography tip ever?

This is a million-dollar question. in reality, there are a million tips out there. Some might relate to you or your style or genre of photography and some might not. There is one tip however that you simply can’t ignore. This tip is true to not only photography but to just about everything in life. “Practice makes perfect

Yes you can learn to shoot in manual, yes you can learn the rules of photography and yes you can buy better gear but in the end, it will always come down to one thing, practice, practice and practice some more!

Professional Photography Tips

Can Photography Tips help me?

Of course, they can. Ok, so there isn’t a magic tip. The holy grail of photography tips doesn’t really exist, but can I still learn from photography tips? well, the answer is simple, yes!

Personally, I think the best way of approaching Photography Tips is to read or listen to them and then draw from them any bits of information that’s relevant or key to you. What’s good for the goose, after all, isn’t always good for the gander!

Having said all of that, I have collated these tips based on 20 years as a working professional.

Top 15 Photography Tips

Please note, the following tips were offered to me by fellow Photographers. They appear below as they did in my video and are in no particular order.

All I suggest you do is read through them and draw from them anything that you think might help you become a better photographer.

You only need two things if you want to be a landscape photographer…
1) an alarm clock
2) the ability to get up when it rings
Gordon Melrose

“It’s the Indian who shoots the arrow”
The most expensive gear is no guarantee for a good picture
Martin Tromp

Do not let photography “rules” rule your photography
This is not to say that you snap your shutter at whatever you see and, out of laziness, call it unconventional art.
The world has too much lazy art.
Jeff Finley

Keep It Simple
Anthony Giddings

Quality vs quantity
Success comes from focusing on a few compositions and doing them well!
David Drew

Use Exposure Bracketing
Francesco Berri + Nick Finnigan

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
Peter Wideman

Shoot in manual
understand the relationship between Aperture, ISO and the Shutter speed and shoot in manual until you feel comfortable.
Mike Cantwell

Don’t just shoot sunrise/sunset
Know what you can shoot in all weather conditions.
Nigel Farmer

Never try to be like another photographer
Just keep learning and shooting and be yourself
Bill Foster

Before pressing the shutter release...
turn off your technical head, stop and turn on your emotional head, it’s where the image is.
Warren Harris

Enjoy the journey
Many landscape photographers in my experience forget to enjoy the actual scenery around them, the sights and sounds.
They are too focused on the pursuit of an ideal image or moment they want to capture. “Enjoy the journey”
John Dalziel

Return again and again to your favourite LOCAL location…
and photograph the hell out of it. That way you’ll see how and where your photography is improving
Martin Carling

Print your work…
there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own work in print.
Susan Breau

No one ever got better without practice
you can read all about photography, or watch as many Youtube videos as you like, but no one ever got better without practice.
Allan Rooke

Real Photography Tips


Slow Down
The only person you are competing against is yourself, you have as much time as you allow yourself.
Slow and steady wins the race. One or two carefully taken photos beat ten rapid-fire efforts

“change one thing”
Take the image then think, to improve the image what one thing would I change. Then try and find a way to make the change.
Neville Holmes

Spend £2 on a sit mat
It will change your life on those days when you’re standing around waiting for the world to change colour, as you’ll always have somewhere warm and dry to park your bum,
Glenn Booth

Explore remote and less known locations
If you want a unique shot, this is the way to go.
Nikola Spasic

“What three words”
The app used to locate people in trouble or distress and you go onto the app and it will locate where you are and give you three words.
Mark Peplow

Never compare your photography with others and get demotivated
Learn from their Pros to fix your cons
Prejul Prakash

Wrap some duct tape around the top section of your tripod leg
Perfect for quick fixes in the field. So many uses and always ready for action!
Garry Sugden

Create images that you enjoy
Martin Heathcote

Always be comfortable
The clothes you wear, the footwear you wear…. be prepared.
Martin Ross

Use a credit card or business card when viewing the back of your camera screen
to quickly alter the composition and framing of your subject. This quickly helps to see how slight changes could improve a photo!
Mark Archibald

“Don’t invest in megapixels, invest in quality glass 😊”
Gary Waterhouse

Enjoy scenery first…
If you do not enjoy the landscape and appreciate its wilderness, it will show in your pictures
Daniel Calderón Mite

Use your phone to log a location
When you stumble on a good location, take a photo with your phone.
If you have it set up to log your location you will have a record of where the photo was taken in case you want to come back again
Gareth Falls

Stop watching YouTube and get out there with your camera
Don’t blame the weather, wrap up, fill the thermos and get shooting.

Don’t be tempted to set your camera up as soon as you arrive at a location
just spend 10 or 15 minutes scouting the location of the best composition and try taking a few images on your mobile phone first for comparison, before finalising your composition.
Paul Burwood

Be the photographer who you feel you are…
even if you don’t think it will make you popular. Learn from the best but make it yours and don’t be afraid to fail.
Jonathan Allred

Save your money
As an amateur, it’s tempting to run out and buy the latest gear you see splashed over the internet and YouTube. Don’t fall for the hype.
I picked up a Canon 5D iii for £700 from a reputable dealer and am wowed by the image quality.

No matter where you live you can get great photos and learn a ton from them
BK Kjelsrud

Invest in a decent pair of hiking boots and comfortable socks
We’re often out for a few hours and you’d be surprised how much distance we cover in that time.
Jon Tatum

Photography is about daring
Dare to start before you are ready and dare to get it wrong. You’ll learn lots and remove the fear of failure.
Al Gurr

Be patient
Patient waiting for the light to change or patient and wait to come back another day when conditions are better
Simon Markland

You don’t need the most expensive equipment to produce good photographs
Tony Tomlinson

Always remember why you started & remember the joy photography brings!
I think sometimes we tend to get all muddled up and stressed about likes, comments, getting real technical with things and we forget why we took it up in the first place.
Claire Glover

There is no good or bad camera
The best camera is the one you know how to use
Monish Bakshi

Watch the video above where fellow Professional Photographer Nick Page and I discuss what we think of the above tips!

Thank you to Nick Page for his valuable contribution and you for everyone who contributed

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