Pin Mill Boat Wrecks

Pin Mill Boat Wrecks

Pin Mill Boat Wrecks

Pin Mill Boat Wrecks Landscape Photography

Pin Mill Boat Wrecks Landscape Photography

Last week I visited an amazing place called Pin Mill to photograph boat wrecks.

Pin Mill is located on the south bank of the tidal River Orwell, south Suffolk.

As always on my journeys around the UK photographing landscapes and seascapes, I created a vlog (getting down with the kids).

The theme for this video was very different from the norm. It was based on how you perceive how the final image will look before you actually take the picture. I called it photograph “what you want to see” and not “what you see” confused? If you watch the video it will make a lot of sense, I promise 🙂

A good knowledge of post-processing can change your outlook on how you perceive a scene you’re presented with.


Photograph what you want to see and not what you see!
In brief, If you have a good understanding of how to manipulate a scene in post-production, you can visualise how the end result will look before you actually take the image. Pre-visualising a scene can and often does change your outlook. For instance, the boat wreck is very cluttered. Looking at the messy boats I knew that with my skillset in post-production I would be able to change how the final image would actually look long before I took any photographs.

Pin Mill Landscape Photography

Fine Art Photography of Pin Mill

I don’t want to get into the discussion of whether or not you believe these images are fine art. To me they are! Fine Art is about interpretation. I have changed the scene in a way that I want, in a way that I like. It’s so different from how the scene presents itself, therefore, in my opinion, it’s fine art!


I also take one of the largest panorama’s I have ever post-processed to a high fine art standard. a marathon 6 hours on one image. The burning question is… did you think it was worth it?

Pin Mill Boat Wrecks

This was my most ambitious project to date

Originally when I set off to visit the Pin Mill Boat wrecks this was the image I had in my mind. A black and white Panorama of all of the boats as above. It wasn’t until I was actually standing there when it dawned on me that the prettiest of boat wrecks would look great on its own. I knew straight away this would be a fab shot.

The single boat took me around about an hour to post-process to get it to the standard you see here. I knew before I even started to post-process the pano that it would be a major undertaking. I didn’t realise it was going to be as big a job though. The thing is when you start a project there is no stopping until the task in hand is complete.

I am really glad I stuck with it, I’m pretty happy with the final result, even if I say so myself 🙂

12-pano stiched

Fully post-processed

12-pano stiched > Fully post-processed > Converted into Black & White

MY POST-PROCESSING – Removing the horizon! 👀
If you want to learn my post-processing techniques then please consider becoming a member of my Youtube Channel (£5.99 no subscription)
From here you can download every picture in this video and watch a real-time tutorial on how I post-process my fine art images. Info below

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WEEKLY VLOGGING… Since I’ve committed to weekly vlogging, you get the best and the worst. Besides, it’s probably good to know that we don’t always have successful days!

I make at least one video a week, and I’ve got some amazing locations penned. Please make it worth my while and support the channel.

Comments are always welcome btw

Thank you


What people talk 4 Comments

31/05/2022 Lynton Wakeham

I became a member paying 8.99 but amenable to download the images to practice with.
Please can you help.

05/08/2022 Gary

Hi Lynton,

Sorry, but I have just noticed your comment. Are you able to download the files and is everything ok now?
It’s best to reply to

04/03/2023 David Williams

I join your member group by signing up to plan A, I trying to find the tutuorail on the pin mill boats but can not seem to see it and I have watch the video. Gould you please point me in the right direction for the tutorial.

I have travlled to pin mill last year and would like to do the blending of the sky and removing the background.



15/03/2023 Gary

Hi Dave,
I haven’t created a video specifically for Pin Mill. If you follow along with this video ( ) it’ll work just fine



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