New Brighton Lighthouse

New Brighton Lighthouse


New Brighton Lighthouse

Photographing New Brighton Lighthouse

In a nutshell, I visited and vlogged New Brighton Lighthouse 2 weeks ago but my vlogging camera was knocked over whilst shooting a time-lapse. Sadly it effected the focusing so I couldn’t use any of the later footage. Not an issue, it just meant I got to return for a second shoot.

New Brighton Lighthouse 
I timed the second shoot so the tide was in as apposed to the first visit when the tide was out! You can determine which shoot was which based on where the sea is 🙂 Hope that makes sense!

If you’ve never been to New Brighton Lighthouse in Liverpool you should go. It looks awesome and there are so many different compositions to be had.

Photographing New Brighton Lighthouse 

The shot above (top picture) was shot aiming slightly left of the lighthouse towards the offshore wind farm. The light was reflecting off the windbreakers.  The light was exaggerating the green moss that has formed on the breakers over many years. It’s very industrial looking. Despite not having the lighthouse in it still looks amazing, to me at least!

The shot above was taken during my first visit when the tide was out. I love how there are many puddles around at low tide. These offer up a chance for reflections. The sunset was just awesome. I left the people in the background just to give a little scale to the image.

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WEEKLY VLOGGING… Since I’ve committed to weekly vlogging, you get the best and the worst. Besides, it’s probably good to know that we don’t always have successful days!

I make at least one video a week, and I’ve got some amazing locations penned. Please make it worth my while and support the channel.

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Presented By: Gary Gough
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What people talk 4 Comments

09/03/2018 Marie Cholette

I love your photography and your unique point of view! You make your channel fun to watch at times and other you ask questions for the purpose of thought provoking . I enjoy all of it! Marie Cholette

12/03/2018 Gary Gough

Hi, Marie, that’s very kind of you to say. I’m flattered.

04/03/2019 Chris Snyder

I love the use of water in your photographs. I spent 4 months on a boat last year sailing Sweden’s west and east coasts and your pictures of the windmill farms instantly transport me back.

I’m taking a photography class at my local university, Texas USA, and just subscribed to your YouTube channel as inspiration to take more than just a “picture”.

Big fan in the US, Chris

28/03/2019 Gary Gough

Thank you Chris. Really glad you’re enjoying my content. Thank you for watching and also for taking the time to let me know. Very kind.

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