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Manchester Quays The Blue Hour

Manchester Quays The Blue Hour


Manchester Quays The Blue Hour

Manchester Quays The Blue Hour


Manchester Quays The Blue Hour – A few weeks ago I decided late in the afternoon that I just needed to get out and about with my camera. It was one of those pin a tail on the Donkey scenarios. Long story short I ended up at the Manchester Quays. It’s a fantastic dockland that over the past few years has been developed into an amazing place. Full of bars, restaurants and shops etc. etc. It’s even home the the ITV and BBC TV Studios. In fact The Quays is also known as the MediaCityUK.

If you’re not familiar…

BBC : Is home to a whole host of BBC channels and programmes including Match of the Day, Blue Peter, A Question of Sport, Mastermind, BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 live, CBBC, BBC Sport and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, to name just a few.

ITV: Is the home of: May The Best House Win, Tonight, Countrywise, Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs, The Dales, Ade in Britain, Come Dine with Me and Piers Morgan Life Stories. to name a few.

Manchester Quays The Blue Hour

My intention was to just go out and about and scout out some interesting spots to photograph in the future. I’m so glad I had my camera with me.

I arrived just as the sun was setting which in turn developed into the Blue Hour, which I love by the way. Oh boy was I glad I had my camera with me.

Hopefully you’ll agree that my trip the Quays was well worth it in the end.

The Blue Hour Manchester Quays

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Presented By: Gary Gough
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What people talk 10 Comments

18/12/2017 sven.e

Love your photos and artistic eye and skill! Would be very hard for me to pick my favorite piece. That said, me too am glad you took your camera with you that day when you took your Blue Hour at the Manchester Quays shots. They turned out beautifully! Also, they seem exceptionally sharp. Would you care sharing what lense(s) you were using? I suspect maybe a 70-200/2.8L and one of the 50’s? Looking at potentially expanding my arsenal and my go-to all-around favorite 28-300/3.5-5.6L is a bit soft for certain landscapes (or, cityscapes, rather), at least for my taste. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

18/12/2017 Gary Gough

Hi Sven, I used my Landscape go-to lens on this shoot. My trusty Canon 24-105mm F4 “L” Lens. Such a great all-rounder. Nothing any fancier than that. Hope this helps

18/12/2017 sven.e

Hi Gary, thanks very much for responding! Boy, was I off. Anyway, good to know, because I just happen to have a copy of that lens as well, just seems not as sharp. But maybe it’s just my tripod having more coffee jitters than yours. 😉

19/12/2017 Gary Gough

Coffee jitters 🙂 Sturdy tripod essential. Love to see your efforts. All the best

19/12/2017 sven.e

Thanks & I’ll send you some for sure. Happy Holidays!

05/01/2018 sven.e

Hi Gary, sorry for the pause. I said I’d send pics. I am about to, if you still want to see them. Where to? Thanks.

05/01/2018 Gary Gough

Brilliant, you can send them to
Looking forward to seeing them.

06/01/2018 sven.e

Thanks and pics sent.

17/01/2018 stevie Watts

Hi Gary Another great easy to watch video with loads of great information for all photographers. The quality of your photographs is next to none mate, they are all pin sharp with amazing detail. I enjoy your style of video which is full of good infromation as well as good humour. Keep the videos coming mate. All the best.

Stevie Watts

18/01/2018 Gary Gough

Cheers Stevie. It’s comments like this that make it all worthwhile. Thank you

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