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Landscape Photography Lewis & Harris

Landscape Photography Lewis & Harris


Landscape Photography Lewis & Harris

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My very good friend Gary Beaumont and I travelled to the Isle of Harris & Lewis in the Outer Hebrides exploring for locations for an up and coming Workshop in 2019. It was my first visit to the Island. I have to say right off the bat it’s the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE I have ever undertaken!

The Island is amazing on so many levels. In some respects, it’s just like stepping back in time. That’s an outstanding compliment by the way. For instance, Harris and Lewis are devoid of the typical fast food outlets that have dominated our lives and the world! There is no (legal) drinking throughout the night, no rowdy Night Clubs. The residents are unbelievably kind and approachable. Graffiti is conspicuous by its absence! How fantastic is that?!

Try and think of a place you have visited where there is NO GRAFITTI? I bet you can’t!

To me, there is just one word that describes it… WOW!

Landscape Photography Isle of Lewis & Harris

My original plan was to venture around the Island with Gary B as my guide and simply mark down must-visit locations. It didn’t quite turn out like that though. The Island has a must-look-at surprise around every corner. The gift that keeps on giving I kept saying. Everything from old ruined buildings, playgrounds to shipwrecks. Not to mention the wildlife. I could go on…

I was only there two and a half days and I know I already have enough video footage and pictures for 4 videos and that’s compressing the stories too!


Episode #1

Landscape Compositions and Urban Exploring

In this video, I’m in the Isle of Harris shooting Landscapes and Exploring abandoned buildings.

Episode #2

Landscape Photography, a Shipwreck plus more Urban adventures and looking over abandoned cars!

This is the second video I produced from my first day on the Island. I photographed another couple of amazing buildings. I look over a few vehicles that have been abandoned and I also photographed a shipwreck.

Episode #3

Landscape Photography Harris & Lewis – a Ghost Town!

This is the 3rd of 4 videos I created whilst I was touring the Isle of Lewis & Harris. In this episode, I capture a few Landscapes from the coast, I explore yet another dilapidated building and I discover an eerie Childs Playground. It looks like the Mary Celeste of Playing Parks!

Episode #4

Landscape Photography – Battling the weather. I battle time and the elements to capture amazing Landscapes.

This is the 4th of a series of 4 films. I created these films to document my brief whirlwind tour of the Isle of Lews & Harris. In this episode, I’m at Seilebost and Luskentyre Beach. Plus I stopped off close by to capture a fantastic roadside shot looking onto Sielibost Beach. This was my first time at the beach and I didn’t want anything to get in my way of capturing those amazing views in all their glory. As we know in the world of Landscape Photography, things don’t always go to plan though. The wind was erratic, the rain was severe and for most of the day, there was a fine mist in the air. So up against it, you could say!

The Isle of Harris and Lewis is by far the best place I have ever visited as a photographer. It’s simply the gift that keeps on giving. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!



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I make at least one video a week, and I’ve got some amazing locations penned. Please make it worth my while and support the channel.

Comments are always welcome btw

Thank you


What people talk 2 Comments


Gary im impressed with the clarity throughout your images, I wondered if you used focus stacking techniques on your shoots? I find this technique difficult and time consuming myself and prefer to get optimum depth of field with correct aperture.

I will be visiting Harris and Lewis next month and have taken inspiration from watching your excellent films.

22/09/2020 Gary

Hi Timothy, Thank you for your kind words. I focus stack only if the foreground interest in very close to the camera.
Correct aperture? what is the correct aperture? F16 or F18 will still offer a shallow depth of field when you focus close to the camera.
These might be of interest to you…
The best way to focus stack –
Complete guide to APERTURE –


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