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Landscape Photography Blackpool

Landscape Photography Blackpool

Landscape Photography Blackpool

Landscape Photography at Blackpool featuring a HDR shot and a Landscape Picture taken at ISO 8000. In this video, I explain why!

Landscape Photography Blackpool

This week’s vlog I find myself wandering around Blackpool looking for compositions. The biggest problem is, there is just too many to choose from! Let’s shoot a seascape, but which Pier do I choose? The North Pier, the South, or what about the Central Pier? Decisions, decisions!

I shot the North Pier followed by a couple of shots of the Central Pier. I had a little spare time so I grabbed a HDR shot under the Central Pier too.

My preference was the earlier shots I grabbed when the tide was in. Personally, I prefer the black and white picture of the North Pier. That’s the one where the sea was all the way in and it covered the Pier’s feet. It was actually the first shot I took, although I didn’t edit the video that way.

Blackpool is just brilliant for Landscape Photography.

Landscape Photography Blackpool

Landscape Photography Blackpool, England UK

The black and white image above of the North Pier at Blackpool is my favourite from the set.  I just like the simplicity of it. I sea was so calm the is a distinct lack of white waves appearing around the base of each Pier leg. The moody sky enhances the ghostly appearance of the quiet, closed, out of season pier too. I just love it. Let me know which one you like and why, in the comments box below.

Landscape Photography Blackpool

Landscape Photography Blackpool

A close second favourite of mine. It’s a lovely shot. My original intention was to shot this when the Ferris wheel was in operation. In a weird way, I’m glad it wasn’t working that day. This stillness just adds to the mood of the shot. Again just like the shots above the 4-minute exposure renders that sea as glass. I know long exposures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. This pictures just illustrates the reasons why too!

The above shot was taken at ISO 800. This is unknown territory for most Landscape Photographers. I’m happy to venture into the nether regions of high ISO’s for my art. All cameras produce noise at such a high ISOs but cleaning images up are just a technique you simply have to learn.


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WEEKLY VLOGGING… Since I’ve committed to weekly vlogging, you get the best and the worst. Besides, it’s probably good to know that we don’t always have successful days!

I make at least one video a week, and I’ve got some amazing locations penned. Please make it worth my while and support the channel.

Comments are always welcome btw

Thank you


What people talk 6 Comments

11/09/2018 David Swan

Hi Gary. Is the black and white pic of Blackpool north pier available to buy?

17/09/2018 Gary Gough

Hi David,

Yes it is. I’m in the throes of adding a shop for prints etc on my website. Until that’s complete I am happy to sell my images as a download only.
Hi-resolution files (300dpi) which are printable to 30″x20″ without loss of quality. £40
If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll let you have my Paypal info



27/09/2018 Anthony Turley

HI Gary

You say you sell prints for £40 What size is 30’x20′ is it 30cm x 20cm.

Regards. Tony.

09/10/2018 Gary Gough

Hi Anthony. This image is available as a digital file only. It will be supplied 30″x40″ (Inches) The image can, therefore, be printed at any size with a 3×2 ratio. Hope this makes sense?

03/11/2022 Niall Ashworth

Hi Gary,

I hope this finds you well.

Just reading the comments above from 2018 and wanted to know if you now offer printing & framing of the Tower shots?

Many thanks,

30/12/2022 Gary

Hi Nial,

all my images are for sale. Please email gary@garygough with any requests.



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