Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar

Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar

Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar (Scotland)

Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar

In this video entitled, Fine Art Photography Bridge to Nowhere I travel to Scotland to create some more Fine Art Photography


Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar Fine Art Photography


Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar (Belhaven Bridge )

Last week I travelled to Dunbar in Scotland to photograph an amazing structure called the Belhaven Bridge or as it’s affectionately known, the “Bridge to Nowhere” Its name is derived for obvious reasons. During very high tides, the path leading towards and away from the bridge disappears under the sea making the bridge look like it’s going nowhere.

It was one of the best landscape photography days I have ever had but sadly I had technical issues with my new vlogging gear. The word muppet springs to mind!

Not to be outdone and simply because the pictures were too good to throw away, I came up with the idea of creating the video in near silence.

I hope you enjoy it

Thanks for watching

The Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar

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The Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar Scotland

Where is the Bridge to Nowhere or Belhaven Bridge?

The “Bridge to Nowhere” is in a small village called Belhaven which is in Dunbar (Scotland)
You can park very close to the bridge. As indicated on the map there is a small area literally 30 feet away. This small area is just big enough for around 5 cars. If it’s full then go back 50 feet up the road and there is a public car park. It’s a Pay and display car park.

Easy Access – The bridge and the best photography spots are very easily accessible. Great for people with disabilities and excellent for people who are unable to too lazy to walk far.


Where to park GOOGLE MAPS
Shore Rd, Belhaven, Dunbar, EH42 1NXB

The Bridge to Nowhere Scotland


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