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Botallack Mine Cornwall

Botallack Mine Cornwall

Botallack Mine Cornwall


Botallack Mines Cornwall

The Botallack Mines are a World Heritage Site and are protected by the National Trust. The mines are located in the village of Botallack. The engine houses in the Crowns section of the Botallack Mine were used for extracting tin and copper from beneath the sea. The mines extend some 400 meters beneath the Atlantic ocean. The deepest mine is around 500 meters below the sea. These mines are truly amazing with a working history to match!

The history of the Botallack Mines, the mine’s arsenic-refining works and other mines close by are truly fascinating.

I’m not a historian and I don’t pretend to know any more than the above but having visited the area I thoroughly enjoyed researching the works further. A great start for research is Wikipedia  and the National Trust

Botallack Mines Cornwall

Botallack Mines in Cornwall

Botallack Mines

A few weeks ago I headed to the Devon area on a landscape photography adventure. Whilst I was in the area I decided to head a little further southwest to Cornwall to grab a few images of the Botallack Mine.

When I say a little further Southwest it took me two and half hours. As I mentioned in the video, to put that into perspective, in the same time I could easily have travelled from my home in Yorkshire to Whitby and Filey on the east coast. Travelling West I could have travelled to any part of the Lake District. I could have even travelled to North Wales. So it wasn’t quite just nipping on but since I was this far south the lure of photographing the mines was just too great!


In this video, I photograph the Botallack Mine in Cornwall


Botallack Mines Cornwall

Where are the Botallack Mines and where do you park?

Where is the Botallack Mine in Cornwall and where to park? Google Maps

The area of the mines is vast. Following instructions online I ended up a few miles away from the Botallack Mines which was very annoying. Because of this, I have included a Google link which takes you straight to a large public car park.

To get to the mines just head towards the sea and you can’t miss them.

Botallack Mines and where do you park

Best place to photograph the Botallack Mines?

In my opinion, the best place to photograph the mines are from the opposite side and from as low as you dare go. Be warned, to get to the opposite side of the mines you’ll have to traverse a well-walked but very dangerous path. The narrow path has severe drops to both sides. This walk is not suitable for the faint of heart, kids or pets!

The area is very picturesque. Because of this, it lends itself to lots of other amazing photo opportunities.

Watch more of my videos from my recent trip to the area:
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